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Ecommerce marketing is a powerful tool that will help you reach your target audience, attract more customers to your site and increase sales. With that said, it can be all too easy to jump straight into things without taking a moment to plan and prepare. Mistakes happen when there is no clear strategy in place. They also happen when you make assumptions on how to plan campaigns, rather than planning carefully to ensure the best results. 

In this guide, we will be taking a look at some of the most commonly made ecommerce marketing mistakes and showing you how you can avoid making them with your online store.

To ensure that you get the most from ecommerce marketing, here are some things to avoid:

Starting without a strategy in place.

Your strategy is easily the most important part of your marketing efforts. Without a strategy, it will be difficult or even impossible to know where to start, which areas to focus on, how to target your audience, and where to find your audience in the first place. Make sure that you have a comprehensive strategy that outlines all of the steps you will need to take to reach potential customers and use that as a baseline for every campaign.

Focusing on single channels.

You may think that each channel has a completely different audience. Although some customers may only be found on one channel, it is common for customers to use more than one channel. If you are using the same campaigns across the same channels, you will not see results. This is because you may end up over-marketing to the same customers and, more importantly, it is because every channel is unique. Make sure that you have a multichannel strategy in place that uses each channel in the best way possible, from social media to email and lead generation.

Not getting expert help.

Finally, another big mistake is one that far too many online stores make. Trying to juggle your own marketing on top of running your store makes it very difficult to plan engaging, converting campaigns. Likewise, outsourcing this job to someone who does not have an understanding of ecommerce is not ideal, either. Getting help from an expert who fully understands the unique needs of online shopping and knows how to market online stores is the best chance you have of growing your store’s reach. 

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