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Without an ecommerce marketing plan in place, it will be far harder to reach your target customer. Over the years, ecommerce has gone from a niche retail channel to a major channel that is slowly replacing traditional retail. In South Africa, many large store chains are scaling down their physical stores in favour of online stores. Globally, the number of online stores has rapidly grown even in the last year. 

This is good news for the economy and the industry as a whole. For online stores, however, it also means a high level of competition. Established stores have the benefit of an established customer base, while smaller and newer stores have to ensure that they stand out in order to attract (and retain) customers. The role of marketing for online stores is to achieve just that – to help online stores establish and grow their presence online. 

Whether you have a generalised store selling a wide range of products or an exclusive store specialising in niche products, 3DOM Digital Communications Agency will help your store get found online. Our ecommerce marketing solutions are made for stores of all sizes and all product types. 


Our Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

Ecommerce marketing serves the purpose of marketing your store across numerous channels. A typical strategy would include campaigns ranging from email marketing to social media, content, Search Engine Optimisation, video marketing, and various other campaigns that help your store get found online. 

At 3DOM Digital Communications Agency, we take a holistic approach to this type of marketing. We design, plan and implement campaigns that are targeted to your ideal customer. With the help of tools such as buyer personas and audience segmentation, we make it easier to hone down your strategy to reach customers in a way that drives conversion. We also help to recover abandoned carts and assist with cross-selling and upselling strategies to further expand your reach. All of our strategies are created according to the unique goals and requirements of each client. Because we know that every online store is different, we aim to plan strategies around your specific needs, ensuring the best results. 

Find out more about how we help you grow your store’s presence and contact us today to discuss your ecommerce marketing needs.

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