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When someone visits your website, what is their first impression? What is your website saying about your business in the first few seconds of arriving on your site? It’s a fact that most people will evaluate your business by looking at the visual appearance on your website and if you really look like the real thing. Does your brand image on your website shows that you can be trusted?

Your website should represent your brand. You won’t visit a restaurant that looks shoddy and no real branding has been done. Your website is the same and it needs to set the expectations one can inspect by having a design that represents the quality of your business.

A good website that solidifies the branding of a website touches people emotionally. Here’s a couple of tips to optimise the design of your website to let people make the right decision when they visit your site.

Website design tips

If your business is different to your competitors by always providing a high level of customer care, never only showcase your services and products on your website. Show that you are a real company with real people on your website. Showcase that you care about your clients and how you have helped them with their problems.

Impression: Make a point of using a professional layout, font, images, and design. The design should always be the same design as your brand image. What do you want people to see first about your business? Use specific graphics that showcase this and use headings to make important text stand out. Your goal is to catch the attention of your visitors when they arrive on your site.

Trust: Show that you can be trusted by placing specific accreditations and awards on your website. This will include specific logos with who you are affiliated with. Also include your address on every page in the footer. Create an outstanding about us page where people can read who you are and what you stand for. Also add a blog to your website to start building your name as the authority in your market.

Credible: Your website as mentioned should be designed professional. Does it have the correct design people are expecting? Does your messaging convince your visitors? Make your messaging as straightforward as possible and to the point.

Your website is your brand online. Optimise it so that it works for you.