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Your digital resume is your complete digital footprint. It is so much more than your website or your blog. It’s also more than your Facebook or Twitter profile. It’s everything and also consists of what people are talking about you online. It’s your footprint online and how people will find you.

Don’t have any business cards left? Just Google my name. This is a great way to tell others about your online profiles. If you are looking for a new job, potential employers will search for your name online and see what you publish on your blog and how you communicate with others. They can look at your commments and if your social media profiles are consistent. It’s important that you are consistent with everything that you do online. What you post online usually stays online forever.

How to optimize your online profiles

Real name: Use your real name on all of your digital profiles. This includes your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profile. This is important as most people when searching for your will use your name.

Monitor: Monitor where your name is mentioned online. An easy way to do this is to create a Google Alert so that you are notified when your name is mentioned. You will be sent a mail with details of the mention as soon as it happens.

Profile image: Use a professional image on all of your profiles online. Your image is a glimpse of who you are, what others are saying about you, and what you say. Don’t use photos where you are passed out a party. If I was an employer and I came across a profile that is not consistent with an unclear profile image, I will skip to the next candidate. It’s very important and it could affect the outcome when employers are making the hiring decision.