Is your business Cyber Security Protected?

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One of the things that new WordPress users are often curious about is the best kind of hosting for their WordPress website. Many believe that hosting on is their best option. They are concerned that WordPress software may be best hosted on the site that is named for it and are curious about the differences that are inherent in the hosting services. was created by and large for those who want to host their site without having to pay a large fee for it. Today that isn’t the same ballgame as it once was. The reason for this is that companies such as, Bluehost, Hostgator and many others are offering very reasonable hosting in Linux or unix which is cost effective and suitable for hosting your WordPress websites.

The difference in hosting will be that your hosting will limit you quite stringently when it comes to what you can use on your site. Even the paid hosting limits you to the kind of themes that you can use as well as to what you can incorporate into you websites so far as the plugins go.

This very effectively ties your hands when it comes to creating community sites or allowing WordPress to do all that it conceivably can for you. Due to the many millions of people who are using, the restrictions are for security reasons and are of course necessary. The same does not hold true of your own  hosting. It can be very reasonable in cost, sometimes under 5 dollars a month for hosting. There are no limitations on what you can use.

The down side of that is of course that you’ll be responsible for your own security and must add the plugins and other things that you need to ensure that you keep your site secure and safe.

There are a wide range of different plugins out there that will help you to secure your site. They include firewalls and login restriction items that you can use which have been developed by the WordPress community. These are all ways that you can secure your privately hosted WordPress site from intrusion, but none of them are going to be completely foolproof. The same holds true for the hosting. There is simply no way to keep out every intrusion.

Choosing your hosting based on what you want from your WordPress and then working to secure it is your best option in either case.