Is your business Cyber Security Protected?

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If cyber security is not a big concern for your home office, you may be putting yourself at risk. Even as lockdown slowly eases, many people are still choosing to work from home. Some may have decided to work remotely. Others have started their own businesses. Some have even been working from home long before COVID-19. Whatever the case, cyber security is not something that is limited to large companies and commercial offices. It is also extremely important for those working from home.

The Importance of Cyber Security for Home Offices

Why is cyber security something you cannot afford to overlook for your home office and how can you be sure that your computer and devices are fully secure? Here are a few things to keep in mind when protecting your home office against cyber threats.

Safer transactions. 

While basic antivirus tools help to some degree, they do not have the same level of protection as a comprehensive security solution. Working from home typically means conducting numerous transactions online. You may be using your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone at any given point. You may be doing banking online, making purchases for your home office, and visiting numerous sites on a day-to-day basis. If you do not have an integrated security system in place, you will be vulnerable to security breaches. These could cost you a great deal – not only in lost or corrupted data but also in reputation if your business contacts are also breached. Financially, you could risk hackers gaining access to your business accounts.

WiFi protection.

This is why a security solution such as ESET Internet Security is so important for full peace of mind. Your WiFi connection at home is a lot more vulnerable than you may realise. Most people connect multiple devices to their WiFi. Over and beyond your work computer and mobile devices, you may also be sharing WiFi with family members or connecting your smart TV and other non-work devices. You may also be using multiple apps for work, all of which connect to your WiFi. Without proper security in place, this means many potential breaches in your WiFI connection. 

Make sure your home office is fully protected against internet threats with the help of ESET Internet Security. Contact 3DOM Digital Communications Agency to learn more about our cyber security solutions for your home business.