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Why having a mobile website is important for business

More people are starting to access the web via a mobile device. This trend is growing everyday as it enables people to access information on the go. You don’t have to carry your laptop with you to find the latest news, driving directions, or information on a local restaurant anymore. You can use your mobile device to quickly search for answers.

Did you know that the search engine result pages are different than the normal desktop results? It seems as though the search engines use a different algorithm than traditional web search. If you are interested to get your website ready for mobile search, have a look below for a couple of tips to help you with this process.

Why having a mobile website is important for business: Mobile website optimization tips

Local search: Local search is huge and is a topic for another blog post. Optimize your mobile website with local intent. Also, add your business to Google places. This can help you with higher rankings for local search.

Bounce rate: The bounce rate of your website plays a big role for websites that are viewed from mobile devices. Websites that don’t render well on mobile devices will have visitors quickly jump to the next search result and this can affect your search rankings. If you want to rank for mobile search, have an optimized mobile website you can use.

SEO: Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods such as title tags, headings and anchor text in your links are important for mobile SEO. Optimize your mobile website the same as you would optimize your normal website.

Content: Always try to place your key website content and links at the top of your mobile pages. This will make it easier for your visitors to browse your mobile website.

Code: Keep your mobile design simple. Don’t use Flash as not all the mobile phones can display Flash content. Make your code clean and simple. This will also help your website to render faster on mobile browsers.

Content: Place your key content at the top part of the page. This makes it easier for users and bots to easily find it.

Sitemap: Create a separate XML sitemap for your mobile site and submit this sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. This will make Google aware of your content and you can see which of your mobile pages are indexed.