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With your business, which medium are you using as the main communication method to talk to your target audience? I am talking about your preferred communication method in your business and your online marketing campaign. Do you use telephone, email, social media or all three? It’s 2013 and technology and new trends are moving and evolving at the speed of light. Not so long ago, faxes were used together with mail as the main communication method (there are still some businesses that operates this way), but the times have changed, and we are now living in an interconnected world.

What do I prefer and use in my business? Phone, email, and social media to be honest. If I get an email with more than just a basic solution, I will most likely ask people directly on the social web or phone them. I am not the only one using all three, but people tend to prefer one as their main method of communication. Which type are you using in your business?

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Email: Email has been around for a while now and it provides efficiency because it leaves a paper-trail.  It also gives you the ability to communicate on your schedule and you can control your time. This communication method allows you to focus on replying to an email, answering a question, or sending information without the phone messing up your time.

Phone: A phone call is personal and it allows you to communicate directly, listen, and respond immediately. It’s been around for very long and it allows you to talk to people directly. A phone call allows you to to talk about a specific problem or query and come to a solution quickly.

Social media: This medium is the newest of them all, but can be very effective because of it’s public nature. Answering queries, comments, and complaints on the social web can help you build awareness for your business and brand. Many people prefer this medium because of it’s real time nature.

If you are looking for a preferred communication medium to use with your business, I suggest you use all three. The digital world keeps on changing and it’s time that you change with it so that you don’t get left behind.