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With an optimized SEO strategy you don’t have to focus only on bringing in targeted visitors to your website that will convert, it can also be used to build your brand online. Having top rankings on the search engine result pages of Google can help you position your business as the leader in your market and niche.

When you have top organic rankings on Google the first impression most people will have is that the first few positions at the top are from market leaders in the industry. This can play a big role in the person who is searching final decision and if they are going to do business with you or skip to the next position.

Branding and SEO

Using search engine optimization for branding consists of two parts. Branding is all about creating a memorable and unique name that can be trademarked and used in all of your marketing activities. Phrases that are descriptive cannot be trademarked. To make a brand name work, it has to be unique. Brand names build credibility and trust because they are unique.

Search engine optimization works on focusing on selected keywords and phrases that people will use when they are searching for a specific service or product.

Unique approach with SEO

The best results come from using your unique approach to branding together with SEO. You can use branding to identify your products, services, and company. Use search engine optimisation to support this and provide value to your brand. Use specific keywords in your feature and benefits descriptions.

When using these keywords in the content of your website and blog, use incoming links that includes these keywords. This is one of the most powerful ways to boost the rankings of your website on Google. This method produces links to your product and services pages that includes specific keywords related to your brand.

SEO is not a short term solution. It can yield major benefits not just for acquiring targeted traffic, leads, and sales, but it can also be used to position your brand as the leader in your industry.