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Converting website visitors is crucial for your organic SEO or PPC campaign. It’s easy to drive traffic, but if they don’t do anything such as taking an action, what good is it? If you get 10 000 visitors a month to your website and nothing converts, what is the point? Do you know what the conversion rate of your website is?

One of the easiest ways to convert a website visitor to take an action is by using compelling and clear call to actions. This can help you boost the conversion rate of your website.

In simple terms, the call to actions on your website should always answer three questions. What, why, and how.

  • What action do you want your visitors to take? Should they request for a quote, buy, sign up, make an appointment?
  • Why should they trust you? Will they benefit from your services or products?
  • How are they going to take an action? Are you going to guide them?

What makes a great call to action?

Satisfies a real need: Your call to actions should be compelling and it’s important that it satisfies a real need.

Visible: Where you place your call to actions can have a huge effect in converting a visitor. Make it visible above the fold where it can clearly be seen. If you are interested in converting visitors directly from the home page, use the upper right section of your website for your call to action.

Keep it simple: Keep the call to action clear and simple. Don’t clutter up the call to action with pictures and lots of text. Use simple graphics and lots of white space so that it can be read without using a magnifying glass.

Encourage immediate action: Create a sense of urgency by using text such as “Buy now” or “Special offer”. You can also label it as a limited time offer or add an expiration date.

Premium rewards: A great way to convert customers is to make the offer rewards for taking immediate action. Use an incentive with your call to actions that will appeal to your best buyer.