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Despite the massive popularity of some social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr, people are still publishing new blog posts every day. Various blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger gives users the ability to instantly publish new content at the push of a few buttons.

It is a proven fact in the digital marketing world that content continues to drive visitors, and many online marketing agencies are including “blogs” in their overall digital marketing plan. Blogging can be a very important pillar in your campaign that you can use to raise awareness of your brand, products, services and increase your online authority.

Blogging is also an excellent method to boost your rankings on the search engines combined with an optimized SEO strategy. Here’s a couple of tips on why blogging is an important strategy with digital marketing.

Content needs to be relevant

The best way to help visitors return to your website on a regular basis to offer them something new every time they visit your website. The audience that you target are most likely to share your content if you have something to give to them. Blogging is an excellent method to get your content live and distributed in a quick way. If you have a blog, you are more likely to get high positions on the search engines in relevant search by updating your content on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you have to write thousands of words every day, but only a few paragraphs with relevant information about you, your services and products can help.

Shine with blended results

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are integrating social media results on their search result pages. With this, you can shine with your blog. The top search engines places importance on blogs as valuable information for content. When you post, link targeted keywords you are using relevant to your services to the most relevant page on your website.

Property online

If you are ranking for a couple of keywords related to your business, you may enjoy the rankings/traffic to your website from search. With the addition of a blog, Twitter profile, or any other profile / channel that are dedicated to your business, it can help boost the relevancy to your main site and keep your brand prominent online. Ever seen those results on the search engines that pulls up a couple of websites belonging to one company?

New content drives traffic

Valuable content drives people to visit website. If your main website was constructed to present your services and products, the addition of a blog to your website profile can keep interested visitors returning. Social media is busy changing the way we promote online, but blogging is a tried and tested content strategy that you can use to gain awareness on various social media channels. The support of a blog to your website can increase your website’s relevant links and at the same time, give you a boost on the search engines.