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If you have a website you might have heard about lead generation before, but just to clear the confusion if there’s any – lead generation is really not just about building an email database that you can market and communicate to. It’s really so much more than that.

Lead generation is all about getting your target audience to engage with you by asking you for more content or information on your services or products. It could also be information about what you are directly selling online. In my opinion, all business websites should have a lead generation strategy in place. How do you get started by integrating it into your internet marketing strategy?

Lead generation website optimization tips

Attention grabber: To be effective with lead generation, you should always have attention grabbing messages that are displayed where you want your visitor to take an action. Never make your visitors think on what they should do next. Make it as easy as possible for them.

Be to the point: Be clear and to the point on what you want your visitors to do. Should they sign up for a newsletter, buy, contact you? if they don’t know what to do, they won’t do it.

Your product: What are you trying to get the visitors to do. Put yourself in their shoes and find the best way to describe the product or service you want them to take an action on.

Incentives: Offer incentives such as coupons or special discounts for taking an action. Don’t over complicate things. You are looking for people that are interested in what you offer rather than just the incentive.

Information required: Never ask for two much information. If you want them to sign up for a newsletter, only require the bare minimum of info required.

When a visitor has taken an action on your website for your lead generation strategy, be sure to follow up in a timely manner. Don’t wait days to communicate with them. Contact them when their mindset is still in the right place around your offering.