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With 1 billion members and growing, Facebook is by far the most popular social media channel available. Did you know that Facebook collects huge amounts of information on all the activity taking place on their platform? Status updates, pages viewed, videos and all the images uploaded gets recorded. If you own a business page on Facebook, this information allows you to gain valuable insights on your fans and it allows you to discover what you can do to offer your target audience a better experience which can greatly improve the overall results of your social media campaign.

When you know which metrics you should focus on, it’s very easy to get all the important information without analyzing all the available data. Find below three important metrics that you can use to start improving your Facebook marketing strategy.

Talking about this

This metric is usually view able by anyone that basically visits your Facebook page. How this is calculated is the total of people who have interacted with your Facebook page in the last seven days. This includes everyone that has liked your page, liked your updates, commented, tagged, and shared your content. When analyzing this, every week you will see an increase or a decreased percentage of this metric.

By building trust and engaging with your audience is key with Facebook. It’s very important that you stay active with your network if you want to build up your fan base. To do this you can ask them questions and encourage them to like and respond to your updates. Add call to actions in your updates in order foster the engagement between your page and your fans. When they leave a comment on your page, respond. Show them that you are a real person.

Engaged users

This metric can be found on your dashboard and it tells you how many unique users has clicked on your post. This information is stored and tracked for 28 days. This useful metric can give you a good insight into what types of content encourages the most interaction from users such as pictures or images. When you understand what engages your users, you will be able to craft your messages suited to them.

External referrals

This metric is accessible when you click on “Reach” and you will be able to see how many people were brought to your business page from an external source. This is very important because you must know how people are finding you online. It could be from a referral  blog posts and Google. To get more traffic externally, publish a couple of blog posts including guest posts linking back to your Facebook profile. When you physically put yourself out there, you can increase the chance that more people will find you.

Using Facebook insights to analyze what is working with your Facebook strategy can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your campaign.