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For many business websites, SEO search engine optimization and keyword planning is the last step when they build their website. It’s usually bolted on afterwards. This is the wrong way to do it because keyword planning should be the first step when designing a new website.

It’s crucial that your website has the most appeal to your target audience. You don’t want to just attract visitors to your website, but engage with them so that they can become your next customer. To achieve this you have to create your website based on keywords and content on what your audience is looking for online.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started with using keywords in the content of your website.

Website keywords content

Niche topics: Create a broad list of niche topics that you will be able to cover on your website. This will act as the guide on what you will cover on your website.

Keyword list: Create a list of keywords that will describe the niche topics you are going to cover. These keywords should consist of a list of phrases that your target audience will use on Google to find your content. This list will also be used as  guide in your content planning.

Relevant keywords: Make a point to only select the best keywords that are relevant to your industry to use in your content. Even though keywords that are not relevant to your business might yield traffic, will they convert or just leave your website with a high bounce rate?

Content: The keywords you have selected should be carefully weaved into the content/topics you are going to use on your website. Use keywords in your menus, headings, content, sub headings, and lists. Do not over optimize your pages by using more than 1 main keyword phrase that you are going to target. Be specific and to the point.