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Did you know that writing content for internet marketing campaigns are quite different than writing content for traditional print? Writing content for your online marketing strategy and website should be to the point and brief with shorter sentences, paragraphs and it should use a lot less words. Each website page you are using should be written for a specific purpose and have a solid call to action and sales funnel on the path you want your reader to take. In short, it should always be focused.

Here’s a couple of tips to excel with writing content for your digital marketing campaigns.

Content marketing tips

Content should always be focused around your target audience. What are your website visitors looking for? Do you know what content they like to read? Do they engage more with video, images or text based content? Do some analysis on your current analytics and look at the pages that are getting the most visitors and have the lowest bounce rate. This isn’t the only answer to look for, but it will give you good indication of what your visitors are looking for.

People will arrive on your website because they are looking for a solution to their questions and problems. Understand what they are looking for and you can craft the type of content that will answer their needs. Your content should always be focused to help them.

Make your content interesting: Once you know what your visitors are looking for, how can you convey your message that will interest them to read more? How you display your content should be the middle point of what your visitors are looking for and what you are selling. Grab their attention with your content.

Headlines are key: The headlines that you use in your content is key and will most likely be the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive on your website. Pickup your favourite magazine and look at the headlines of the stories. You need to grab the attention of your visitors by using short and powerful headlines to grab their attention.

Call to action: Once a visitor arrives on your website, what action do you want them to take? Do you want them to contact you, purchase or even signup to your newsletter? Write your content so that it inspires the action your want your visitors to take.