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Social media has become an effective means of communicating and thus plays a vital role in advertising, in fact it serves as an important word of mouth tool since it access is allowed on mobile devices like your cell phones, tablets, iPods etc. But to operate more effectively when coming to sharing information, it’s advisable to stick to the traditional emailing system since most of the older people have not yet settled into the new environment of social media. There is still room for email, according to an article by PMailer, see below:

Email is getting more social

Your customers and clients are spending more time on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter, but most importantly as they do so, they are not abandoning e-mail. These two channels are now the main channels of communication on the internet. Email marketing and social media complement each other and offer marketers the opportunity to create deeper connections with their customers.

E-mail marketing and social media go hand in hand better than any other digital channel and a lot of companies that are playing in the social media space have come to realise that getting your customers to share your message with friends is the most effective way to grow your business.

Email has always been and still is the most effective communication channel in the digital space.
If you have a social media strategy for your business or are using social media tools, email marketing should be a pivotal part of that strategy, if it’s not, then you are missing out on a lot of customer touch point opportunities. The key is to not only promote social media through email newsletters, but to also promote email newsletters through social media.

Brands that have established themselves in social media have the opportunity to use platforms like Facebook to get fans to subscribe to their newsletters.”


WSI 4 All has made it their business to encourage businesses to engaged themselves to these communication channels and thus do provide effective services for businesses to experience the effect of technological communication tools.