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Would you be surprised to hear that personality can affect online credibility? It’s true! Your website, advertising, and other presentations send a strong message about organization or a lack of it to serious and casual browsers. It’s a major reason that understanding the purpose behind internet marketing is so important to businesses of all sizes.  Experts can design an orderly site that is easy to navigate and eliminate the disorganized version that sends a cluttered image.

Why is it important for a businessperson to establish online credibility? It causes people to feel more comfortable about buying from your site, because they instinctively feel you can be trusted.  You can build sales by adding to that impression. Let consumers know that you and your business are real. Put a picture of yourself, your business or your staff on your website. It’s a great way to increase business visibility.

If this is a sole proprietorship online business, say so. Share your goals and ambitions. What makes your company the go-to place for products? It is perfectly okay to let potential customers know your expertise in your company area. A professional internet marketing business will create an appealing design to display this information.

Promote quality. Using good internet marketing practices will keep customers returning, as well as referring friends, relatives and neighbors to your site. When a particular product costs more than a similar version that is poorly made, explain why you carry the better product. Consumers are more serious about the longevity of something they buy. If they have a problem with a cheaply made product, they will likely return to your site for the better product, acknowledging your honesty and expertise.

Update your site frequently as a way to increase business visibility. Add a follow-up comment to a great article that you want to keep on your site. Move it to a different spot and drop in an updated article or information about an upcoming sale.

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you quickly. Provide at least a physical and email address. Add a “contact us” online fill-in form to your website.  Share your Twitter and Facebook account. Create a business-related blog and be active on social media.  Business grows when the owner is approachable.