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Website development is meant to give you far more than a flat, static page. An interactive website can make all the difference when it comes to conversion. 

The customer experience begins from the moment customers arrive on your website. Although a static page outlining your services or products and contact details may provide them with basic information, it will not be enough to make them want to work with you or get in touch. An interactive, user-friendly website, on the other hand, will capture attention right from the start, highlighting your core offering and encouraging customers to take action. This is where interactive website development becomes essential.

The Role of Interactive Website Development

In order to reach people and turn visitors into paying customers, you need to start with the basics. Interactive website development is the best way to achieve the following:

Improve customer journey.

Think about the last website you visited. How easy was the website to navigate? Did you easily find what you were looking for or did you have to scroll and click far too much just to get basic information? Did you find it frustrating to use the site? Did you want to read or learn more? Or, did you want to get off the site as soon as possible?

Remove barriers to purchase.

A common barrier to purchase is a dull, hard to use website. Interactive websites are all about engagement. The more that browsers are engaged, the more likely they are to make a purchase. The same applies to making enquiries or following Calls to Action, too. You want a website that makes it as easy as possible to take action. 

Drive repeat sales.

The more pleasant and engaging a website is to use, the more likely customers will want to return. You know that customer retention is every bit as valuable as customer acquisition (and much more affordable, too). To drive retention and repeat sales, your website needs to be interactive and user-friendly. 

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