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When your website visitors arrive on your website or blog, do they know what they should do? Are you enticing them on what steps they should follow when they land on your content pages such as a direct landing page? If you don’t ask your visitors what they should do next, they won’t know. Always use this to your advantage to direct your visitors that they should take an action. It could be in the form of a call to action – “call us now”, “newsletter sign up”, or to purchase a product or service directly.

If your website visitors leave without taking an action, why did they come to your website in the first place? Your website shouldn’t just merely be an online brochure with no real value. It’s a business tool and can help you reach your business objectives. If you don’t tell your customers on your website what they should do, how will they know what you want them to do? With website marketing, establish a clear sales funnel and call to actions on everything you want them to do. This will help you convert visitors into clients.

What action should your visitors take?

What action should your visitors take when they arrive on your website or landing pages? Make sure to build this in the theme of the page they are on. Plan it into the site navigation as well as the design of the website. People are visiting your website because they are looking for a solution or answers to a problem they are experiencing. How can you make it easy for them to see that your business can help them?

You can write your core message and action orientated content to explain your message as soon as a visitor arrive on your website. Speak to your visitors on an emotional level and engage with them. Guide your visitors through your sales funnel. Every page on your site should be designed with a call to action and should support your sales funnel. The most important thing in any offer is that it should be to the point. Don’t offer your visitors information that they don’t need.

Your website is a selling machine. Optimize the design, content, and sales funnel to tell your visitors what you want them to do once they arrive on your website.