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Steps for businesses to be more successful at Twitter

Twitter is a social site for all people to converse within a 140 character dialogue at a time.

This simple concept has proven to be very popular and is being used for social networking and micro blogging.

As Twitter is a bit different from other social sites it is actually just communication tool.  Maybe it seems a bit difficult to fully express yourself in only 140 characters at a time, it is really very easy and comfortable and will be mastered very quickly once you get the hang of it.

Some people build very lucrative businesses using Twitter and many students make use of it, there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure your business to be successful on Twitter.

1. Introduce yourself successfully

When creating a Twitter profile at use a real photo of yourself or your company.  If possible also include a short description of who you are or what your company is about.

2. Understand Twitter talk

Twitter makes use of a whole different system of language.  Think of it as the gr8 in smssing.  Know the basic forms of language like “re-tweet”, “direct message” and “hashtag” when using Twitter as you might look like you do not know what you are doing.

3.Build your list of followers

By following people on Twitter you will gain followers and the bigger your list will become. Use Twitter’s “find people” function to search for people to send your blog to.

A nifty function on Twitter is that you can search for keywords or location to find the right target market to introduce yourself or your company to.

4.The secret in success is in building relationships

Bear in mind that Twitter only works if you make it work, and in order for that you must know the tricks of the trade.

Decide what you would like to accomplish with using Twitter, and rather keep your Twitter page very interactive and interesting.  Also follow Twitter and update your page daily to keep viewers interested and coming back every day.

5.Generate Valuable Tweets.

Don’t get stuck on what to tweet about, keep it fresh and exciting.  Share links and resources that back and enhance your knowledge, be interactive by asking and answering questions and also acknowledge users.

6.Manage Your Time and Your Strategy

The last but very important step is to be productive and use tools like Hootsuite, Seesmic or Tweetdeck and also selective tweets to delegate and therefore save your time.