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Facebook is the fastest and biggest social networking channel. With over a 1 billion active members every month, if you aren’t using Facebook in your marketing mix, you are missing out. Facebook is all about engaging, communicating, and establishing relationships with your target audience. It’s about creating a network of people that are interested in your services or products. This is a great medium for businesses and individuals to promote what they are doing online.

Facebook is a great way that businesses can establish awareness on what they are doing. Businesses can create dedicated Facebook pages where interested people can join the page and start engaging with them. To attract people to your network online, share valuable industry related content and engage with them to build trust and credibility.

If you are unsure if you should start marketing using a personal profile or a business page, find some information below that explains the difference between the two and how you can start using Facebook marketing in your social media marketing strategy.

Facebook marketing with profiles and business pages

Facebook profiles: These “profiles” represents real people. Personal profiles on Facebook have friends where the connection has to beestablished by sending out a friend request. Personal profiles can send messages to one another and there is no access to any statistics.

Business pages: These are pages specific related to businesses. These pages can be “liked” and the administrators of the page can send updates to all the people that have like the page. Business pages has detailed statistics built in so that you can measure the growth of your page as well as other relevant statistics regarding your marketing efforts on your business page.

If you want to create a business page on Facebook, login with your username and password on Facebook. After you have logged in, visit the “create a page” and follow the instructions to get started. It’s as easy as that. If you are a business, create a business page for your business on Facebook.