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Everyone who is in the marketing business has heard of Pinterest. It’s a digital type bulletin board that you an use to put up pictures of literally anything that you like and use them to promote your website or your business. Users share the boards and the images. They may range from a gorgeous new dress to a pair of shoes to outstanding new games for the year.

Pinterest gets about 11 million plus users every single month and more visits than that. It’s been stated that Pinterest is the fastest growing new social media site in the United States. What does that mean to you as a marketer? It means that finding a way to make Pinterest work for you and send traffic to your websites is absolutely on your list of things to do.

Pinterest can help you to  promote your own websites and to make your site and your products much more visible. In addition it can actually help to send traffic to your site that is ready–by virtue of their visiting your Pinterest images–to buy the products that you have for sale.

Adding multiple bulletin boards and creating something for every product is about the best way to use Pinterest. Having too many different things on one board tends to fragment the use of the site and the visitors are not quite sure what to look at. Specialize each board in a given product or service or group them by interests.

Pinterest has a few rules and regulations as every other social media site has. Abiding by those and using the site in the way which has been prescribed for you doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get the traffic or the sales by using it. It’s a very effective tool for your marketing and when used correctly, has been said by many marketers to give them a surge of traffic and conversions that surpassed their wildest thoughts.

If you haven’t taken a look at some of the newer social media sites, maybe it’s time that you reviewed Pinterest and started using it to create more visibility and better conversion rates for your own websites.