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If you are interested in getting the word out online about your local business, did you know that if you focus on local search engine optimisation,(SEO), you can drive traffic to your website locally? This doesn’t mean that you have to go and re optimise your website for thousands of new keywords, you only have to tie in your local area name with specific keywords and phrases that your local target audience will search for.

With local search engine optimisation (SEO), the same rules apply when doing keyword research. You should select the best keywords and phrases and use these on prominent places on your website. Keep the keywords focused and to the point. These are the phrases people are going to use when they search for your services and products. Will they find you?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips

Problem solving: When people are searching online, they are usually looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. The keywords you have selected should help them find answers and solutions.

Focus on intent: Never optimise for keywords that are single phrase or just to broad. If someone searches for the keyword “bmw”, you don’t want to rank #1 except if your BMW. If you are a local business in Bloemfontein, optimise for the keywords “BMW for sale in Bloemfontein”. That keyword is focused and have a specific intent. Someone is searching for a “BMW” in Bloemfontein for sale.

Even though most of these keywords that are focused on specific intent will yield far fewer searchers, when they are specific it’s going to be easier to rank for them and the conversion rates on these will be better.

Local keywords: If you want to get those local SEO rankings turning, include specific local phrases in your content and website. Use your main area of operation in the title of your website and your address in the footer section.

People are using the search engines with keywords. Optimise your website for the correct keywords based on intent and local SEO.