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Following recent surveys done about email marketing it was found to be the top lead generation program based on quality and quantity of leads.  But there is always better…  There is always a way to improve the already excellent service received by internet marketing companies. Although some of them are tops, there are always ways to better their service.  Here you will find their secrets…

In order for you to better your service you have to know your service in and out – knowing which aspect of your email has the highest open rate is very important.  Thereby you will know what key words are valuable to your product. A good tip is to keep on testing what works best and to go with it, it can only bring you success in the long run!

You can test how your mail works by following three simple steps.  Decide what variables to test, create more than one version of the mail and then send the first version to half of your mail list and the other version to the other half. Just make sure that the target market are in both cases the correct ones so that you can accurately compare the two in who sent you the most replies.

When testing the above theory, check that you change the following points between the two versions:

  • Subject Line

For event advertising, put the name in the subject and with an invite, make it enticing.  Don’t just say “you are invited”, say “thought you might like to know about…..”

  • HTML vs. text

To make it look appealing you can make use of banners or buttons.

  • Graphics vs. no graphics

There is great power in sight, don’t keep it to a boring mail with words only.

  • Type of links and where you place them.

Two is better than one.  Instead of adding “click here”, rather name the actual name of the link or picture.

  • How you word what your brand/company has to offer.

Make it stand out with colours or bullets, it has to be easy on the eye.

  • The length of the content.

Don’t make it a long boring mail, keep it short, simple and powerful.

  • Message Style.

Keep it personal and intimate.  Send it to each person individually and greet them by name. It will look like spam if you mass send the mail, send one by one to each address separately.

The basic points to look out for is to keep it simple, clean and personalized and do not make it look like spam.  This is a sure way to get positive replies.