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If you are running an online marketing strategy with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, who should be responsible for it and to make sure everything is running according to plan? Should this internet marketing be part of your website development team because it works hand in hand with your web properties? Should your marketing department take responsibility for this? Should be part of your leads and sales team? These are questions I’m sure that has been asked before in your organization.

To give you some clarity on this; it’s the website development department responsibility to build and make sure your website is running smooth at all time. Your sales department should only take responsibility for the sales and leads generated from your web properties. Your marketing department is responsible for the the marketing of your business, brand, product or services so it should be their responsibility to make sure your SEO campaign is running 100%.

SEO is so much more than just traffic

Search engine optimization is really so much more than just traffic. It’s a marketing channel and so it should always be planned as a top strategic medium that can be used to support your brand and other marketing campaigns. The targeted keyword phrases you are going to use should target your best clients.

With this, SEO should always be part of marketing and should take a strategic approach so that you can reach your business goals. Search engine optimization is not just about technology, it should be used together with all of your other business processes.

How are you going to make sure your SEO plan runs according to plan.

  • Targeted keywords: Always use specific keywords related to your niche, services, and products.
  • Content: Use your targeted keyword phrases in your content offline and online. Don’t publish a couple of articles and be done with it. Always focus on publishing relevant industry related content that your target audience will find interesting.
  • Links: SEO is all about links. Focus on building quality links. 1 quality link is so much more worth than a 1000 links from random websites.
  • Website navigation: What do you want your visitors to do? Make the navigation of your website as easy as possible so that your visitors can do what you want them do to – convert.

SEO is a marketing initiative. Treat it as one.