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Social media is an instrument on communication that facilitates human behavior online. It’s very social and the social web consists of a multitude of communication tools that you can use to communicate with your target audience online. If you are struggling working out the return on investment (ROI) of your social media strategy, an easy way to accomplish this is to look at each social media channel you are using independently and how it affects your business goals.

How are you using social media with your business? Which social media channels are you using? What are you trying to achieve? Mostly when I work with my clients in social media, we setup a goal upfront before we start with the campaign so that we can measure the progress of the campaign and if we reach any milestones. This goal that we use to measure can be anything ranging from lead generation to driving targeted traffic to their website or blog. In essence, you can’t start blindly without knowing where you are going when you start with social media.

Social media should not never exist and treated in it’s own silo because it supports your other marketing initiatives. If you have a digital marketing strategy (SEO, PR, communication, email, etc), social media can play an important role linking all these strategies together. What are you going to track with your social media campaign?

Social media marketing goals

  • Number of qualified leads generated.
  • Number of conversations per social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc).
  • Number of qualified traffic generated.
  • Engagement score.
There are many metrics you can track with social media, but it’s important that you select the right metrics that indicates how social media supports your business goals. Once you know and understand this, it’s easy to work out the ROI of your social media marketing campaign.