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Personal Branding-Social  Media Can Afford you an Advantage. Today it’s important not only to be visible in search, but to be visible and transparent online. Your reputation online is of paramount importance in determining where your site will rank and where your products will show in the search engines. Personal branding can mean –as the statement says, branding of you personally or it can mean the branding of your business efforts. One of the best ways to get your face, your products or your business out to the online world is by the use of social media. Not only giants in the social media venues are workable, but even smaller arenas such as Squidoo or Hub Pages are workable. Some of the best places to get your name out into the search engines will be those social media sites. THe more that you interact, the more that you are visible there, the more visible you will become in search. Sites such as Facebook, Wooxie and others offer you a wide range of ways to accomplish that, including the status, various groups or even the ability to create your own group and brand it with your products and services. Just a few ideas for how to use social media to capably brand your products or your company would be to create a group that is centered around how a given product works and what uses it has. If it is a business to business type product, target others and show them the advantages that your product can give to them in their own business arena. Each time that you post, post as either the business or as you personally and associate yourself with those products and services in order to give them a higher level of visibility and  don’t forget to invite your friends and fans to comment on the products that you offer. Each time that your business or you receives a like or a comment, it’s noticed. Social media signals are a fair portion of SEO today and can provide you with a real advantage over your competitors who are not using it to brand themselves or their products.