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Did you know that the look and user experience of your website is a direct reflection of your branding online. It’s how people view your business and many times people will judge you on this. It’s a fact than many online users make judgements about the value and credibility of your brand based on the overall design of your site.

Would you buy a new Mercedes Bens from a complete stranger for $2000? I won’t. Maybe the price is enticing, but I won’t trust something or someone that isn’t real. The same goes for your website. Why will you start a digital marketing campaign with a website that looks dull and cheap? It’s time to get your website up to speed. Here’s a couple of tips to make it happen.

Website branding tips

First look and impression: This includes the overall design, images, content and layout of your site. The design of your website should always look awesome, but not as a circus. Are you focusing on the important things first? Use headlines and specific images to capture the attention of your visitors.

Professional: Your website should look professional and showcase your credibility. Does it have all the necessary content and images that makes you stand out? If you are marketing to corporates, does your website showcase that you are credible enough? Make a point to showcase your offer in a clear and credible way by showing all the benefits and features first.

Trust: Your website should look great. Include various logos of the organisations you are a member with. You can also add any certifications that your brand has received. Include your address in the footer of your website to reassure your visitors that you are serious and they can contact you. Add a blog to your website where you publish great content written by real people in your company. People buy from people.

Your website is your gateway to the world wide web. People judges a book by it’s cover. Make yours credible.