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Pay Per Click advertising is more commonly called PPC in the advertising world. This is when the advertiser pays only if a web user actually clicks on their ad. The PPC’s are used on a very wide range of websites and search engines. PPC’s are a very cost-effective means for the companies to get their sites noticed. While other internet marketing maneuvers are slowly helping their site to achieve their natural ranking potential, the PPC’s are also at work.

Below the surface, this advertising technique, works similar to a silent auction. The advertiser or company places keywords or keyword phrases, which they think the target audience might type into the search field when looking for items or services. When the user types this keyword into the search engine, the PPC ad would be displayed on the page.

PPC ads are very beneficial to the advertisers and the internet users alike. They allow the advertisers to be noticed by the target groups and are only charged, if the user clicks on their advertisement. The internet user gets the opportunity to select from sites that may be relevant to what they are searching for, without having to deal with banners that do not interest them.

There are many Pay Per Click management services available today. With the growth of the internet, there is a lot of competition, but without question, the main companies in the PPC advertising world are, Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter. The rates that are charged depends on the popularity of the keyword or keyword phrases. The use of the Pay Per Click ad systems, levels the playing field in the advertising world. These systems allow for the smaller companies to gain the edge they need and get the notice they require, to build their market.