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To get good rankings on Google and generate targeted traffic to your website, you have to implement various on and off page search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to get the best results. In order to get the best results with SEO, you should always focus on both and not just one.

Link building might still be the most important off page SEO method to get rankings, what other tactics can you implement that will add value to your overall SEO campaign? Find a couple of tips below that explains this.

Off page search engine optimisation

Domain age: It’s a fact that older websites shows that it’s not a fly by night site. On older websites, pages are indexed faster and are usually faster noticed by Google and the other search engines. Newer websites can take a while before it’s fully indexed and crawled by Google.

Domain renewal: If you have a new website, renew the website for the longest period possible. This will give a signal to Google that you are in it for the long run.

Domain authority: The easiest way to gain domain authority on your website is to get trusted online channels to link back to you. Even though I said I won’t mention link building, take another approach with this by reaching out to other authoritive websites. Start a guest blogging campaign and ask these website owners if they will publish your content on their blog. This can add huge value to your campaign, but make a note of only using the best quality content for this.

Focus on usage data: Google looks at a number of different factors pertaining to user usage. How long are users staying on your website? What is the bounce rate of your website pages, which pages are the most visited etc. Get comfortable with Google Analytics and measure what is the overall user experience of your website. Optimising this can already give you a huge boost in terms of your SEO.