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Facebook, no matter what many industry professionals say, is still one of the best advertising platforms available for businesses.  Currently 77% of businesses acquire new customers thanks to the advertising efforts of companies through Facebook.  Developing a good advertising campaign specifically for Facebook will help you invest wisely in this popular social media platform.

As you learn about your target market you can adjust the posts you put on your Facebook page to make them more appealing to your customers.  Understanding these targets will also aid you in determining just how much time you spend updating that page.  By providing the people who follow your Facebook page with information that is interesting and relevant, you will be able to reach more followers than if you simply post things that are boring and could be considered “spam.”  Because Facebook is a better relational tool than an advertising platform, you want your posts to appeal to people and attract them by building up a rapport and connection with them.  You don’t want to fill your page with things that are just product advertising.

How do you determine how much time to devote to Facebook?  Carefully study your customers and look at how they are using the platform, how often they use it, and what type of benefits your business has already seen from using this social media.  If it seems that Facebook is not working for your business, you can always put your marketing dollars elsewhere.

Facebook is a good investment of your time because it can serve as a gateway for people to find you.  How much time you put into it should be based on whether or not you want to use the platform as a relationship builder.  If you do, then you should use it aggressively and take advantage of all the features it offers.  Post things that your followers are not expecting every once in a while, such as a post with a humorous tone. This will help to keep things fresh.  Make sure you post things that are not necessarily about your products.  Offer them coupons or discounts that are only for Facebook followers.  Post videos and articles that will be appealing.  And by all means, don’t post every day.  Once or twice a week is more than enough.

If you use the features Facebook offers, it is an investment that is worth utilizing.  It will help you reach current and new followers and keep them when used properly.