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With internet marketing, timing is key. When a visitor lands on your website, you need to catch them when they are in the right mindset. With this, understanding these people is very important because it will guide you on how to optimise your website so that you can sell to them.

Why are these people coming to your website? Do they have a question or a query that needs answering? Do they expect to be helped immediately? What are their demographics? The reason you should answer these questions is because the type of content will differ hugely from something that is “interested” in your services or products, and someone that is in “buying” mode.

Here’s a couple of tips to focus on your target audience.

Website target audience tips

Why are they coming to your website? Do these people have a simple need? If you understand this, you can position your product or service’s features, benefits and functions in a way to attract them. How can you position your content in such a way that it will make sense for the visitor to make the right choice.

Can you help them with their need? It’s all about timing. What common problems are users experiencing that your services and products can help? How can you showcase that you have the best answer? In my opinion, start a blog and write unique blog posts regularly that explains your products or services in detail. How does your business provide a better service and offering than your competitors? Explain these to your visitors.

Why won’t they buy? Are their any obstacles in your visitors path that will hinder them from buying? Does your visitors clearly understand your offering? Be simple and to the point. Only provide the necessary information so that the visitor understands what they are buying.

Optimising your website for your target audience is a must in the noisy online world. Make your website easy to understand and provide your visitors with a great solution that they cannon resist.