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Don’t you wish there was always someone looking over your shoulder giving you tips on life?  Well, this article is us giving you tips on Facebook Marketing, which if done correctly can change your life as well.

Tip 1 – Don’t haunt people about your product.

Facebook marketing cannot be compared to telemarketing where you get hounded by the person selling the product and if you decline you get asked for other people who would be interested in their product.  That is to say if they only call you once and not 3 times a day as personally experienced. Trying to sell a product to an uninterested person is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo – It just will not happen……

Tip 2 – Sell your product to a client base that is relevant to you product

The wrong way of going about marketing your product is by mass marketing – it will not be beneficial to you to contact everybody on Facebook to introduce your product – you will be, as mentioned above, be dealing with too many uninterested people and therefore be wasting your time and energy.  Rather keep your product page updated with useful information and add video and audio to your page to make for more interesting viewing.  That way people will gain interest by experiencing your page instead of just reading it.

Also, make it look like you are offering them a solution to a problem that they might be experiencing on a daily basis.  By providing only needed information and a solution to their daily “problems” you will become popular with them and thereby build their trust – trust being a very strong marketing tool as people would rather buy from someone they trust.

Tip 3 – Be Passionate About your Product

You will know the difference between a page that was done out of duty and a page that was done out of passion.  If you have passion for your product it will show in the quality of the marketing you produce.  If you write about something you are passionate about it will never become boring to you and therewith boring to the reader.  If you are excited about what you do it will become evident in your work.

There is a saying that goes “if the heart is full the mouth runs over” – that is what it is about.  We are not saying go and write a 46 page article on your business.  It is not about quantity but indeed about quality.  Just do it with passion, people will see the difference…

Tip 4 – Don’t just market your product – be your product

Everyone knows that marketing is about building relationships, not just selling the product.  You cannot just add someone who you told about your product once onto your friends’ list and from there onwards bombard them with updates.  Do not be just a salesman, be a friend too.  Find something you both have in common and focus on that.  As soon as you get to know each other a little more then you can introduce your product as a “by the way”.  As mentioned before people will buy from someone they trust, and if they get to know you, so much better.

One thing to make note of is that you as a person represents your product, so be professional but friendly and of course courteous at all times.

Tip 5 – Grow Your Network

It will only be beneficial to you and your venture if you do not stagnate with the followers you have.  Make sure you grow your network on a daily basis by inviting  more people every day.  Then, as soon as you have done that, make sure your page is user friendly, useful and also interactive. Be there for them if they have any queries or questions.

By following these 5 tips you can be sure of successful and fruitful business growth – the only important thing is that you stay consistent in all aspects of marketing of your venture.