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Making the move to Microsoft 365 is one that will change the way you work forever. 

With that said, the transition does not happen automatically. Trying to make the move without a plan in place can end up making it far harder to reap the rewards offered by this solution. Instead, you will need to start with a plan in place that helps you make your move to Microsoft 365 in an efficient, strategic way.

Top Tips for Moving to Microsoft 365

Some of our top tips for making your move to Microsoft 365 include the following:

Start with a strategy.

How are you going to do the move? When will you do the move? Don’t make assumptions here – think very carefully about everything from timing to process. Choose a time that will have the least effect on your daily operations. Make sure that you factor in things like preparation that may be required, such as backups. 

Consider your requirements.

Next, you will need to consider your system requirements and your current systems that are in place. Are you replacing all of your existing systems or adding to your current set-up? Do you have the relevant tech requirements available to ensure that you get the full use of this platform? Is there anything you will need before you begin?

Think in the long term.

Think beyond your immediate needs and consider your longer-term needs as well. How will you be using these tools in a year? Five years? Will you be able to scale or will you have to do the whole process from scratch? Have you chosen plans that allow you to easily adapt as your needs change? Think carefully about how you will be using these products down the line. 

Get your team on board.

Last, but certainly not least, it is essential to have your team on board. This should happen long before you do the actual move. One of the biggest barriers to any type of software adoption is a lack of onboarding. Your teams need to be trained and they need to be able to see the value of the tools. They are the ones using the tools and, as such, they should be involved right from the start to make sure that the tools are used company-wide.

3DOM Digital Communications Agency offers a range of solutions to help you make your move. Get in touch with our team today to find out how to transition to Microsoft 365.