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How to optimize your call to action

To get good conversion rates is very important for any website and any internet marketing strategy. You can get lots of traffic to your website or blog, but if the visitors doesn’t take action, what is the point of getting the visitors at all? Does your website have a good conversion rate? A compelling and clear call to action (CTA) is the key to boosting the conversion rate of your website.

Did you know that by optimizing your call to action you can increase the conversion rate of your website? To optimize your call to action, it needs to answer three important questions: what, why, and how.

How to optimize your call to action: Three questions for your call to action

  • What?: What should your website visitors do? What action do you want them to complete? Should they request a quote or buy?
  • Why?: Why should your website visitors take action? How is it going to benefit them?
  • How?: How are your website visitors going to take action? What is the logical next step?

Here’s a couple of tips so that you can create the best call to actions for your website.

How to optimize your call to action: Create the best call to actions

Compelling: Always make sure that your website pages has the best content that your visitors will find interesting. Use action oriented phrases on these pages such as “Join now”, “Subscribe now” or “Buy now”.

Visibility: The location of your CTA is very important. Make it visible above the fold where you can immediately see it. Use various colors that will make the CTA stand out from the rest of the text on the website.

Clarity: Keep your CTA simple and not too technical. Try to use short bullet phrases to get the message across. Never clutter up the pages with too much text. use ample white space and use simple graphics. Don’t over complicate your website pages.

Urgency: Try to create a sense of importance to your CTA to encourage your visitors to take action. Limit the quantity or the time.  Try to make what you’re offering on your website pages “important”. You can maybe offer a premium reward for taking the desired action. This could be an “Act now to receive…”. Use these that will appeal to your best buyers. This will also help you attract targeted customers when optimized correctly.