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Online you will find many opportunities and methods that you can start using to promote your brand, services and products. Social media marketing is a great medium that you can use in just about any business. You shouldn’t use social media marketing in it’s own silo, but join it together with your other marketing campaigns to strengthen your whole marketing efforts.

Social media marketing isn’t new, but for many brands it is. Everyone has been on Facebook, YouTube and even Pinterest, but have you used these channels to market your business? Here’s a couple of social media channels that are easy to get started with.

Social media marketing for your business

Blogging: This is the heart and soul of social media marketing because you can basically integrate all the other channels directly in your blog. You can place a YouTube video in your blog posts, Tweet your latest blog posts, share these posts on Facebook and even tag the images on Pinterest directly. Having a blog isn’t’ an option when using social media marketing.

Twitter: With Twitter you can post short updates about your services and products to your followers. When using Twitter, use relevant hashtags people are using that are related to your business.

Facebook: As you know, Facebook is a monster and the biggest social media channel around. Use this channel where you can connect directly with your target audience, engage with your community, share blog posts, videos and discuss topics that will interest the people you are trying to reach.

LinkedIn: This is a professional social network you should use to network with like minded individuals. Share knowledge, ask questions, answer questions and attract new people to your brand by always providing professional value.

YouTube: Video marketing is extremely powerful because if images says a 1000 words, a video says 100000 words. It’s shareable and you can basically use videos in all of your other social media channels. Create short to the point videos regarding your services or products to showcase who you are and what you stand for.

Social media marketing is massive and a great medium that you can use for your marketing efforts. Everything you do on the social web can be measured so that you can track your successes.