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Many times the success page of your website is the ultimate conversion page. This is the page people should see after they have done a successful purchase, downloaded a report or subscribed to your newsletter. You shouldn’t just thank them for taking an action, but provide them with more solid information and confirmation that they have made the right choice.

This website page can be a key part of your internet marketing campaign. Put yourself in your visitors shoes; they have just completed your sale funnel and if they have done this correctly, they most likely want more information. Engage with them further on this page.

Success page tips

  • Give your visitors some solid direction. Explain what they can expect next and show them that you care about their participation. Are you going to send them a thank you page, a call to discuss the next step or an email newsletter? Let them know.
  • Reassure your visitors that they have made the correct choice and that you are there to help them. Explain the benefits of what they have done. If they have downloaded a free report, what can they find in the report and how will it make their problems easier to solve?
  • The success page is an excellent page where you can share other people’s experiences like testimonials. People trust people and show what other’s have experienced by using your services and products.
  • If your landing page has no visible navigation, on the success page restore the full navigation of your website so that these visitors can browse further.

The success page is a great opportunity you can use to market your business, products, and services further to engage directly with the person that has completed the sales funnel. Don’t oversell yourself and find ways how you can better the experience of your website visitors. Always think how you can satisfy their needs and answer the questions they might have.