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It may be attractive to think about investing your money into the services of a company that can deliver thousands of hits. However, the most important aspect of getting traffic online is to make sure that it’s targeted. You can spend all your efforts on getting traffic but if you’re not reaching people who are interested in your products and services, you’re wasting your money.

So how do you get targeted website traffic? There are a couple of proven strategies that you can use. One way to get free traffic is by using search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process where you aim to rank higher in the search engines through the use of link building, content, and site optimization. It’s one of the best sources of targeted traffic but can be very time consuming.

Pay per click advertising is an alternative to search engine optimization. The difference between the two is that with pay per click, you will be paying according to how much you bid for keywords. This method of marketing is very targeted because you can control what kind of traffic you get down to what keywords you don’t want to get clicked for. However, pay per click can be very costly and there is a steep learning curve to use it to its maximum effectiveness.

Blogging is another way to get targeted traffic. It isn’t targeted in the sense that you can specifically target people who are looking to buy. However, you can attract an audience that may be interested in purchasing your products and services in the future. This can be a great way to start marketing your business if you don’t have a lot of money to work with.

Another method to get traffic is to buy advertising spots on related websites. This is obviously not as targeted as SEO or pay per click but it can get you a lot of traffic if you advertise on the right websites. This can be more cost effective than pay per click because you can control how much you want to allocate your advertising expenses.

The final method you can use is to use email marketing. By simply adding an email form on your website, you can sign up people and market your products and services later. This is a great way to bring back old visitors back to your website and an effective marketing strategy for your business.

So those are the different strategies you can use to build targeted website traffic. These methods range from free to paid, and the time it takes to implement vary. Strategies such as SEO and PPC have higher learning curves so you need to decide which traffic strategy to start out with and stick to it before moving back and forth.