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How to build credibility with your website

With any internet marketing strategy you should show that your organization is the logical one to do business with. You can build your  company story into your website, blog, and any other online profiles to differentiate your business from your competition online.  You can build credibility with your website by educating your buyers by providing answers to questions they might have.

This is a not a new concept and is often referred to as education based marketing. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you with building education marketing onto your website.

How to build credibility with your website: Education based marketing

Messaging: Position your business as the leader in your niche that protects buyers from all the hidden dangers in your market. Educate your website visitors on various problems and trends in making purchases in your market. What are the problems people experience when they purchase from others? Always show that you are part of the solution.

Business advantages: Use your website to explain the advantages of using your company instead of your competition. Use your company story and history to explain the differences.

Story: Build your company story on all the relevant pages on your website such as the “About Us” page. Explain in your own words how your approach to the market is innovative, helping clients see all the negative dangers that other businesses in the same niche ignores.

Report/Whitepaper: Create a free report or whitepaper that can be used as a sign up incentive that you can use in your email marketing list. The title of the report or whitepaper should be attention grabbing and appeal to your best customers.

Email: Create an email marketing campaign that when someone subscribes to your email list, you follow up with a few educational emails.

Video: Create videos that educate and informs your website visitors about your business and the services you offer.

How to build credibility with your website:

Remember, the reason people would visit your website is because they seek information based on you, a product you sell or a service you render, as a result your website should make it easy to get the help they are seeking for.