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Everyone knows great content is a key ingredient of a strong content marketing strategy. Although well-written and informative content is important, your content won’t do your brand any good if you don’t have a content amplification strategy in place.

The foundation of every content marketing strategy is content amplification. The tactics you use to amplify your content will determine how many people your content reaches and the maximum potential for creating brand exposure for your business.

Content amplification is more than sharing your content on social media. You have to think about the goals behind your amplification strategy and what you hope to accomplish for your business. Think about how you’ll build engagement, increase leads, or boost sales through content amplification. This will help you choose the right social channels for your content amplification strategy.

Another important element of your content amplification strategy is researching your audience. Think about how your audience consumes content online and the type of sources they trust for information. These metrics will help you determine the best social platforms to reach your audience and how to amplify your content online.

Finally, it’s important to choose the best tactics for your amplification strategy. There are a number of channels to take advantage of when promoting your content. Owned and paid media are two avenues that can help you promote your content. Owned media is media such as company blogs and social media accounts your business owns. Paid media, on the other hand, is media you pay for such as paid Facebook ads and targeted LinkedIn posts. By finding the right combination of owned and paid media, you’ll be able to create a strong amplification strategy.

As you can tell, content amplification is key to creating a successful content marketing strategy. To learn more content amplification tips, check out the infographic below:

Amplified Content