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While every industry has been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce websites have very quickly proven to be a sector that is growing rather than shrinking.

There are a few reasons for this growth. One of the primary reasons is the need for contact-free social distanced retail options that work on a remote basis. Unlike traditional retail, online retail does not require contact, making it extremely popular during lockdown. Another major reason is the effect that the virus has had on the broader economy and job market. As conventional businesses opportunities give way to new ways of operating, many are looking at ecommerce websites as a way to find new ventures and explore new income markets.

COVID-19 and the Growing Need for Ecommerce Websites

How has COVID-19 driven the need for ecommerce websites, though, and what does this mean for ecommerce as a whole? Let’s take a look.

Increase in online shopping.

The most obvious growth-factor has been the increase in online shopping. In South Africa, as an example, online grocery stores were already successful before lockdown. Once lockdown began, there was a massive increase in orders, causing many to have long delivery waiting periods. Customers are looking for ways to find what they need online, without having to go to the store or leave home wherever possible.

The rise of click and mortar.

Another trend that was slowly gaining traction before lockdown is ‘click and mortar’ shopping. This phrase refers to stores that have an online and offline presence. Many shops battling with customer counts are looking at adding online shopping to their offering. Examples include online shops that offer delivery points from local branches.  

Expanded opportunities.

As we briefly mentioned above, the pandemic has also given way to new opportunities to explore. Non-retail businesses that may not have been selling online might be considering opening an online shop to sell products relevant to their business services. Others may expand their services to include digital sales of things such as courses, as another example. 

Whatever else the pandemic might bring in the way of change, we are sure that the online shopping market will continue to grow and adapt. Contact us today to find out more about getting started with ecommerce websites.