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Did you know that you can increase your SEO (search engine optimisation) organic rankings by integrating a blog on your website? This is a tried and trusted method of publishing new blog posts that are targeting specific pages on your website.

This might sound easy and after some practice it really is, but there are also many mistakes that you can make with this process that will cost you dearly online. Find a couple of these mistakes below that you should avoid with blogging.

SEO blogging mistakes to avoid

Not focusing on a topic: Your blog posts should always be focused on a single topic. This will help you attract a consistent readership on your website. When you write about relevant topics for your products or services and you link to these pages, it increases the relevancy of those pages.

Not focusing on keywords: Even though many will argue that you should always focus on specific keyword phrases in your blog posts, don’t over do it. Remember real people are going to read your blog posts, not Google so there is absolutely no benefit in just using keywords in your content for the sake of it.

Duplicated content: Only use original content on your blog posts and never use duplicate content. If you use duplicate content, Google would have indexed these content piece before and will not give you the rankings you deserve.

Boring content: You should write your blog for real people and so shouldn’t consist of boring and dull content. Would you read your own content and share it with your own social circles? The content that you publish should be unique and exciting so that your readers will come back for more. Always focus on writing content for your target audience, what they find interesting and information that can help them with their problems.