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Pinterest provides incredible marketing opportunities that are unavailable in other social networks. Making the most of it will help you establish your brand successfully in the online realm and increase your popularity.

The specific nature of Pinterest marketing demands the creation of a unique approach. To build your brand on Pinterest, you will have to adhere to several basic rules.

Think Visual

Although this sounds like a rather logical tip when you are trying to build your brand on Pinterest, many marketing experts forget to do it. Most social media marketing campaigns focus on text and this is where the biggest difference stems.

Pinterest is all about visuals. To establish your brand and your reputation through Pinterest marketing, you need high quality, professional photographs of your products. Investing in a beautiful portfolio will always pay off because many Pinterest members will be tempted into giving you a try, once they see the visuals.

Build Your Network

Just like in the case of other social networks, you will have to build your Pinterest network, in order to enjoy popularity. This is the first goal you should try to achieve when you start to build your brand on Pinterest. Building a network of followers will take some time and it will depend entirely on the consistency of your efforts and the attractiveness of the visuals that you are pinning.

Get involved on Pinterest. Comment, add people to your network and interact with them. The more you demonstrate your desire to be an active member of the community, the more your group of followers will grow.

Know Your Audience

Pinterest is particularly suitable for the establishment of certain brands. Knowing who is using the social network and why will help you draft your promotional strategy.

According to official information, more than 90 percent of the individuals using Pinterest are women. The number of men using the social network has also started growing but ladies are by far more active on the network. Base your Pinterest marketing strategy on this information.

Additionally, it is good to know that 2.2 million Pinterest users are active on a daily basis. This is a large group of potential customers and establishing your brand on the social network will certainly be worth the effort.

Define Your Competition and Monitor Its Activity

To build your brand on Pinterest, you will have to come up with a creative approach but you will also have to focus on your competition. Do some competition analysis to see which companies are on the social network and how they are using Pinterest marketing to increase their popularity. You are lucky if the number of competitors who have discovered Pinterest is limited. This will automatically turn you into a pioneer and increase your brand’s popularity.

Study the campaigns carefully. What visuals are competitors focusing on? How are they interacting with other Pinterest members? You can learn from their successes and failures. They will help you increase brand awareness without committing some of the biggest mistakes that other companies have made.

Pinterest requires some work but it is a great marketing channel. You can easily translate Pinterest popularity into higher sales and better brand awareness. Be goal oriented and think about visuals to make it happen.