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Normal businesses running office computers together with in office servers are moving towards cloud computing. Cloud computing lets businesses use the internet that consists of networks within networks.  Instead of having dedicated software and hardware on each computer, cloud computing uses the web which consists of a vast shared computer network where people and businesses can connect to.

Subscription software is slowly becoming the norm.  Most businesses today have dedicated workstations (notebooks and desktops) with individual copies of Microsoft Office purchased and installed on each computer.  These computers are usually connected with a server and a network.  This is not needed anymore with cloud computing.

What you can expect from Cloud Computing

Business applications: Instead of having a copy of Microsoft Oficce on every single business computer, make use of free cloud alternatives such as Google Docs.  This consists of a web based word processor, presentation, spreadsheet and database software system.  These web applications by Google works from any online connected PC and data can be stored on Google’s servers and even downloaded to the computer’s desktop.

Netbooks: With cloud computing, all that is needed to operate a business are netbooks.  These are much cheaper slimmed down notebooks that have minimal or no data storage at all.  These are all that are required to run your office of the future.

Computer server: Why do you need a server for your office?  Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on hardware and support for your server?  Tap into the cloud and you can get up and going with no hassle.

Email: You don’t need to run Office Outlook on your PC to receive, send and read email.  The cloud alternative is Yahoo email and Gmail.  Just create an account on these email providers and you can get going.

In the long run, cloud computing can save your business time, worry and money.  Use the power of the cloud to run your business.