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Google’s farmer update (Panda) was introduced a quite a while ago and it was implemented to eliminate most of the low quality sites from Google’s search result pages (SERP’s).  Many people believe that this major update was the instant death of article marketing and so they changed their digital marketing strategies.

The Panda update made a big impact on a couple of major authority websites that accepted poor content articles.  Here’s some of the major players that were affected: Hubpages, EzineArticles, and Articlesbase. So the big question is – Is article marketing dead?

While some websites have witnessed a huge drop in rankings and the amount of visitors they receive, some sites have benefited from these changes by Google.  This has left many digital marketing experts with the question of whether article marketing is still a relevant search engine optimization (SEO) technique. If you are not doing it the right way, the answer is no.

The Google Panda update ensures that article marketing is still a good practice if you produce quality content that your visitors will appreciate and help you share it.

Article marketing after the Google Panda update

Article marketing should still be used in your digital marketing strategy.  Here’s a couple of tips on how to implement an effective article marketing strategy to help you with the Google Panda update.

Relevant unique content: Always make sure that you publish and submit only relevant unique content. Unique content plays a big role in ranking.  Be careful to choose only a few article channels to publish your articles on.

Ad content ratio: The Google Panda update was implemented to only present unique and useful content to the user and this is why most of the spammy websites that are full of advertisements are not ranking that well on the search result pages. Ensure that you reduce the amount of advertisements on your website to make sure you don’t get busted with this update.

Social media: The Panda update also places some importance on the amount of time your content is shared on various Web 2.0 channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Actively engage on these channels and promote your presence to your network. Install social media buttons on your website content pages such as Tweet this, Google+, and the popular Facebook like button to make it easy for your visitors to share your content.