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Getting more consistent traffic on your Facebook page

Now that you have a Facebook Fan Page, you are sure to want to know how to get more fans onto your page and to keep them coming back.  We can help you

By making use of our 7 strategies you will not only bring more fans into your page, but you will attract more qualified fans into your page, which means that they will be the type of fans whose interests are related to your product or cause.

Strategy 1:

Create your own name or brand

As soon as you have set up your page, you will need to attract 25 people to visit your page – then you will be able to give your brand a name.  To apply for the name you want to use you will have to visit the next site:

As soon as your name is created you can send it along to all your fans. Which brings us to strategy no 2.

Strategy 2:

Invite your Facebook Friends

You can start your marketing by inviting everybody on Facebook that is on your friends’ list to visit your page.  They will then in turn invite their friends them theirs and so your fan base begins.

Strategy 3:

Invite your Email list.

Introduce your fan page to your list of email addresses where you could tell them a little about your page to make them want more and actually go onto your page to check it out.

Strategy 4:

Use Social Marketing Signposts

To invite even more people you can make use of other social media like You Tube, your blog or Twitter.  The people that are already on there will be then interested to visit your page and see what it is all about.

Strategy 5:

Keep your page new and exciting

Keep your fan base interested by constantly updating and refreshing your page. We would say once a day will be more than enough to keep your page fresh and new. You can do it by adding daily devotionals or quotes, articles or video of the day.

Strategy 6:

Keep it Interactive

Asking and giving tips on certain topics that people are interested in makes for a very interactive and almost live page, which of course keeps your fans coming back for more.

Strategy 7:

Love what you do.

If you share your passion through your page your fans will feel it and be intrigued.  They will visit you on a daily basis and also invite their friends to view your page, which can only be a recipe for success.