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Did you know that by adding case studies and client testimonials to your website and blog is a great way to build credibility, generate content and showcase that you are not a fly by night business. Adding this type of content to your website or blog is also a great search engine optimisation method by including specific keyword phrases in the testimonials.

For local SEO, add area specific information to the case study and always include them so that they can be beneficial and helpful to your visitors. These case studies and testimonials is a great way to educate your target audience on what you do and who you are. It’s a form of social authority based on other people’s experiences with you.

My approach with getting case studies and testimonials starts with asking my clients on their overall experience with my business and the services that I provide. I ask specific questions such as was the service beneficial to them and did it help them solve a problem they were experiencing. I then ask them if they can write a short testimonial that will be used on my website, blog and social media channels.

Questions you can ask to get content from your clients for testimonials and case studies.

  • What problem were you experiencing?
  • Where are you based? (local SEO)
  • Describe the problem in detail
  • What solution did you decide to use to fix the problem?
  • How did you implement the solution?
  • What results were generated from implementing the solution?

I know the questions will differ based on the services you provide, but always start the process by having a solid guideline and questions you are going to ask to generate client testimonials. If the testimonials needs to be rewritten, inform your clients that you are going to rewrite the testimonial and send them a copy and URL where the testimonial will be used.

Testimonials is a great way to showcase you are real company with real values.