Is your business Cyber Security Protected?

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Choosing the right hosting for your website is just part of the the game plan to putting your site on the map. It may seem like a very small part but realistically, it’s going to be important in the overall scheme of things. The right hosting can make a big difference in getting exactly the site that you want and being able to upload the things that you’d like to use or in being unable to do those things and tearing your hair out in the course of trying to get it all accomplished.

Ideally the hosting that you select will allow you root access. At least to the root of your domain. If you are not able to have your own server that provides you with the root of the server, at the very least, in order to install some of the software and other things that you might want, you don’t want to be stuck using only proprietary software and unable to add other things.

To that end, choose your hosting wisely. Ask yourself or the hosting company if you will be able to accomplish these things:

View the root of your domain
Add software and other items to the root of the domain that you may want.
Access the software and scan it for problems or repairs.
Create your own add on domains
Add and remove email addresses.

Of course one or two of those things are negotiable, but the most important aspect of the site is having the ability to get into the heart of your website to correct mistakes. If you can’t do that, this is not a hosting that you want to use because it is primarily designed for those who don’t know a great deal about websites. You’ll be constrained to allowing them to do most of the work and while it will certainly be easier, it’s also quite likely going to cost you more to get the site up and running and particularly for the SEO and software installations.

Making sure that you have what you need to see to the day to day operations of the site is imperative if you’re going to keep your site up and running and be able to use it to it’s full advantage.