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It is a common fact that we like to do business with people that we know, like and trust. We are also more willing to make the final purchase decision if we feel a connection with the person we are doing business with. Did you know that you can build trust to your marketing campaign by adding a personal touch to your social media strategy and campaign?

With social media it’s very important to be authentic in your strategy online. It might work not being authentic for a short while, but people will notice this and it will turn them immediately away from your business and profile which could have a lasting effect on your digital footprint. People want to know the person/business they are dealing with can be trusted, honest and transparent. How are you going to be authentic with your social media campaign to build trust and authority online?

Let your personality shine through

With your social media campaign it’s very important that your personality shines through all of your communication. Never be afraid to take a stand and articulate it, even if your readers are not going to agree with you, they will respect you. This doesn’t mean that you should only talk about sensitive topics every single time you communicate with your target audience, only be sure to let them know who you are what you are standing for. If anyone questions your motives online or mentions your brand in a negative way, be open and publicly respond to the comment. Sometimes it’s better to take the conversation offline when this happens, but be sure to acknowledge the comment publicly so that everyone can see you are addressing it.

Become more visible with your communication

Let your target audience notice you by being more visible in your overall communication strategy. Use your photo in your marketing materials as well as on your website and blog and any other online channel you are part of. Never try to hide behind your business logo. To be noticed online you have to be seen. And the more channels

Stand out from the crowd

With your social media campaign, try to go the extra mile. If you receive an email, Facebook or LinkedIn message, answer it yourself as soon as possible. You can definitely win some trust by returning your messages promptly, and it can also strengthen their connection with you.

If you receive a complaint, review the complaint and respond as quick as possible with a solution to resolve the situation to the client’s satisfaction. While it’s not always possible to do exactly as requested by the client, often coming as close as possible and going the extra mile will make them happy. If you have happy clients, don’t be afraid to ask them to provide you with a testimonial that you can publish on your website and blog.