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Many small businesses are quite familiar with blogging, but doesn’t know that blogging can be an awesome traffic generator and help increase the search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings and traffic of a website. Having a blog on your website is an excellent SEO tool that can be used to better your SEO campaigns.

Google is doing about 500-600 algorithm updates a year and many of these updates can affect your website negatively. If you are constantly publishing keyword rich informative and unique content, Google will favour website because your are writing these articles with a purpose to your target audience. Content is king and will always be for a long time.

With all the updates happening on Google, many websites are being removed from the index that are practicing under the table SEO methods such as Black Hat SEO and links that are spammy. This means that Google is looking very closely at the content you publish on your website to determine if it’s viable to be included.

How can you make sure you don’t get hit by one of these Google updates? It’s easy. Focus on publishing content on your blog.

Blogging SEO strategy

Keywords: Keywords are key in the SEO game. Use relevant keywords and phrases in your blog post title, the first few words of the article and any sub headings. You should also use these keywords in linking to the most important pages on your website. Don’t link every single keyword to a page, but keep it natural by only using one link per blog post.

Publish new blog post regularly: Don’t think you will get results by only publishing one blog post a month and be done with it. You need a focused content growth plan. The web is getting crowded and to stand out from the crowd you should do everything to get to the top. Start by publishing 2 blog posts a week and increase this once you are comfortable with this.

Quality content: Always only publish relevant unique content that is of the highest quality. If you are copying content from another source and not linking back to the content, you are basically stealing someone else’s content. Google is smart and will notice that you are not using original content. Only publish unique content on your blog.